SEOZ Privacy Policy (Last Updated August 20, 2018)

Website Visitors

When accessing we will collect data on users who visit our website. This includes potentially identifying information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for logged in users.

Collecting Personally-Identifying Information

Certain users that choose to use SEOZ services will require gathering of personal information. For example, billing details will be collected and stored when a payment is made, this information is needed to process the payment. Transactions within SEOZ may also be stored (for example interacting with the API).

Protection of Private Information

SEOZ will only disclose personal information within its employees, contractors, or affiliates when needed. We will not sell your data to other companies to anyone, and will not reveal personal information unless ordered so by a court order.


A cookie is a string of information that is stored within your browser, which can be used to identify a visitor. We may place cookies for marketing and advertising for the purpose of retargeting / remarketting visitors that have previously visited SEOZ using networks such as Google Adwords and Adroll.

Business Transfers

In the case that SEOZ was acquired or its assets is transfered to another company, its user information would be one of the assets transfered or acquired by the third party.

Privacy Policy Changes

Most changes are minor, but SEOZ reserves the right to change its Privacy policy at anytime. SEOZ encourages visitors to check this page often, and your continued use of SEOZ will constitute your acceptance of any changes.