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Magento SEO improves the technical elements of your website, including the customer experience, to rank it higher across search engines like Google.

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How we made our Magento SEO service so affordable

We only provide two services; SEO and PPC. Focussing on less services has allowed us to mitigate our costs and specialise in the services that matter most.

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Our Magento SEO Service Process

SEO is more than just rankings and traffic acquisition. That's why we now bundle our conversion optimisation package with our Magento SEO service to accelerate your sales.

  • We discover opportunities to improve your SEO and conversion rate.
  • We finalise your focus keyword set with you.
  • We optimise your website, fixing key technical issues.
  • We implement content optimisation for key pages of your website.
  • We grow your website authority through our networking campaign.
  • We discover opportunities to improve your SEO and conversion rate.

  • We finalise your focus keyword set with you.

  • We optimise your website, fixing key technical issues.

  • We implement content optimisation for key pages of your website.

  • We grow your website authority through our networking campaign.

Perfect Magento SEO on any platform

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Magento SEO gets your website ranking on the first page of Google, where customers are looking for your products and services. We’ll also set-up, manage & optimise your Google Ads PPC campaign for no extra cost.


We have helped clients double their online sales, achieve #1 rankings for extremely tough local and national rankings, and our Magento SEO agency can do the same for your business.

About Seoz

Seoz is a specialised Magento SEO agency who has served businesses across Magento since 2012. In 2018, Seoz reduced the number of digital marketing services they provided and specialised in providing Magento SEO and PPC advertising only.

This repositioning ensures Seoz remains at the forefront of Magento SEO and PPC strategy and can continually over-deliver for their clients. Reducing their offering down to two services also enabled lower pricing as a result of being able to eliminate the associated costs of providing additional, less ROI-effective digital marketing services like social media marketing.

We don't hire telemarketers or sales staff to push our services. We only hire Magento marketing professionals who hold at minimum a bachelors degree from a reputable education provider to work on your Magento SEO campaign. Having marketing professionals on staff ensures we can successfully incorporate your business identity and marketing strategy into your Magento SEO campaign, to better-appeal to your customer base through search engine optimisation.

Mission, vision & core values


Mission one: To maintain a very high performance standard for our SEO and PPC service and to reflect our core values across all our business dealings.

Mission two: To show common courtesy and tact in all words, deeds and dealings.

Mission three: To maintain a proper balance for all stakeholders associated with our business including clients, employees, community and the government.


To open a world of online opportunity for businesses across the Magento region by delivering a high-performing SEO and PPC advertising service, at a price that's affordable for them.

Core values

Integrity, reliability and honesty.

Understanding your business

From the very beginning of your Magento SEO campaign, we take the time to thoroughly understand your business, its products, services and the industry in which you operate.

By going this extra mile from the beginning, ensures all search engine optimisation performed on your website align with your business identity and existing marketing to better appeal to your target audience through search engines.

Service exclusivity policy

We offer all our services in-line with our core values of integrity, reliability and honesty. As such, we adhere to a strict non-compete policy, meaning we only provide services to one business in each industry, across the locations in which they operate.

We want our clients to have an edge over their competitors, which is why we offer our services exclusively to our clients.

Client position availability

Due to many of our clients contracting us for several years, we only have a few spots open up each year, usually around Q1 and Q4. In addition to this, our website ranks in almost every city across Australia and as such receives high exposure to other business owners seeking Magento SEO. We want to be the best SEO service in Magento, not the biggest. This is why we limit our client intake.

To check availability, please visit our 'SEO Packages' page.

Magento SEO

Learn about Magento SEO and PPC advertising to help you understand what these services are and how they can help your business.

How Magento SEO can help your business

Magento SEO helps your business by ranking your website on the first page of Google for keywords related to the products and services that your business sells. Our Magento SEO service will achieve first page rankings for your business by improving a range of technical and user experience (UX) elements across your website. Some technical and user experience elements that our Magento SEO service improves could range from pagespeed and meta tag optimisation to content improvement. As a whole, our Magento SEO service is built around two core foundations; on-page and off-page SEO. Our on-page SEO involves a lot of technical development which considers the user experience, search engine crawlability, mobile-friendliness, page responsiveness, meta and the header tags of your website. In terms of our off-page SEO, this involves the marketing and curation of your content to establish and grow your website's authority profile.

What sets our Magento SEO service apart is that we have bundled our conversion optimisation service together with our proven Magento SEO service. This ensures your business not only increases its rankings and traffic through our Magento SEO service, but your conversions, leads and sales as well. We implement our Magento SEO strategy with the primary goal to improve the user experience, content and technical capabilities of your website. Our Magento SEO agency incorporates user experience elements at the core of our SEO strategy to ensure that both search engines, and your customers are happy with your website. Like your business itself, your business website needs to provide an exceptional customer experience. Achieving this will not only facilitate increased organic traffic from around Magento, but provide an exceptional experience for your customers, leading to an increased rate of conversion.

Our Magento SEO service is successful because we take the time to truly understand your business and the industry in which you operate. This ensures we can identify high-quality, untapped keywords related to the products and services that your business offers, which we subsequently rank your website for. When your business website ranks for important product or service related keywords, you put your website in front of customers looking to buy. This is what we achieve and this how our Magento SEO service can help your business grow.

Why Magento search engine optimisation is so important for your business

Magento SEO is important for your business because it gets your products and services seen where customers are looking to buy them. People generally look on search engines for products and services if they are later on in their buying cycle. Alternatively, if customers can't find your products or services at this stage of their buying cycle, they cannot buy from your business. Our Magento SEO service, in particular, combines everything your business needs for increased rankings. This includes website development, marketing, user experience (UX) as well as conversion optimisation to ensure your business can convert as much traffic into sales as possible.

To put things into perspective, it's estimated that each day there are 5.8 billion Google searches, which equates to 70,000 searches every second. These searches can range from informational intent, where someone is wanting to learn about a product or service, to commercial intent, where someone is looking to buy a product or service. Our Magento SEO service is focused on uncovering these commercial intent keywords for your business because they are much more valuable for business growth. An example of a search with commercial intent could be ‘buy cakes online Magento'. This search is more likely to lead to a sale than a search like ‘types of cakes’, which is an example of a search with informational intent. The first search example ‘buy cakes online Magento' indicates purchasing intent because it includes the keyword ‘buy’. The second indicator this is a search with purchase intent is that it includes the location as Magento. This shows that someone is looking for a business that is close to their location (in Magento). Uncovering searches with commercial intent is crucial to the the success of an Magento SEO campaign.

Our Magento SEO service offers the best return on investment compared to any other marketing or advertising. This is why we pivoted our entire marketing agency in 2018 to solely deliver Magento SEO & PPC advertising services. As with any form of marketing, ROI is key to assessing the value of the service. Our clients love the fact SEO has the ability of being able to be completely tracked and reported on, unlike other forms of marketing, especially offline mediums. Magento SEO analysis is made possible by a range of free online analytic platforms like Google Analytics, which shows where your website traffic is coming from (organic, paid, social or direct), what pages are visited and most importantly, what percentage of your traffic are being converted into leads or sales. This is key to understanding the effect our Magento SEO and Google Ads service has on your website traffic, conversions and ultimately the growth of your Magento business.

The difference between Magento SEO and PPC advertising

Search engine optimisation Magento, or Magento SEO, relates to the optimisation of your business website to rank your organic website listing higher on search engines to increase your organic traffic. Pay Per Click, or PPC advertising, relates to paid digital marketing platforms like Google Ads. While Magento SEO increases the keyword rankings of your organic listing and search exposure over time, PPC is able to provide this instantly in the form of an advertisement. With PPC advertising, you are charged every time your advertisement is clicked, whereas you aren't charged at all when your organic listing is clicked. Seoz provides free PPC advertising setup and management with our Magento SEO service.

How keywords are used for Magento SEO

Keywords are used as the search terms people type into search engines to find products, services or information online. Keywords play a key role in our Magento SEO service because they form the basis of all optimisations we make to your website. Including keywords in areas of your website like the meta or heading tags, helps people and search engines understand what your page is about. For example, the keywords we are targeting with this page relate to Magento SEO. This keyword is often used by people in Magento who are searching for a Magento SEO service. As you could imagine, this target keyword is likely to appeal to our target audience of Magento businesses who are looking to hire an Magento SEO agency.

How backlinks are used for Magento SEO

Another main component of Magento SEO is content marketing and curation, which naturally builds backlinks to your website, growing its authority profile. Backlinks are the URLs on a website that direct someone from one website to another for further reading, relevant information or references. Most backlinks are obtained primarily through content marketing and relationships built with other webmasters with the goal to provide more value for the people using their website. We aim to produce content that first benefits the reader on an external website and to secondly, drive this traffic back to your website in the form of a backlink.

If your business website has a quality backlink profile pointing towards it, you will be seen by search engines as an authoritative source of information, products or services. When this occurs, search engines will naturally want to show your website off to as many of its users as possible. Backlinks aren’t restricted to only content marketing, backlinks can also accumulate from business directories, social platforms/directories, blogging websites and document/video sharing platforms. These types of backlinks should not be created solely for SEO, but instead to help more customers find your business.

Elements of on-page Magento SEO

After your keyword profile has been finalised, a variety of on-page Magento SEO factors will be analysed and optimised across your website. For an effective Magento SEO strategy, content is king. Each page of your website needs to have an aim in terms of the question or search query it is going to answer. For example, if a website aims to provide comprehensive information about an SEO service in Magento, it would have a page full of information about SEO and how it could benefit a business based in Magento; quite like the page you're on now. Each page of your website needs to be informative and answer the search intent that you are aiming to answer.

In addition to content optimisation, there are a myriad of other on-page Magento SEO elements.

Meta title tags

Meta title tags help show people and search engines what a page is about. This on-page Magento SEO element is shown on search engines above your meta description. While not as impactful in terms of Magento SEO as a header tag, meta title tags are still valuable because they can increase your click-through rate (CTR) if written well. Meta title tags need to entice someone enough to click on your website listing over your competitors; so having flair when writing yours is important. Meta title tags should be 55-60 characters in length.

Meta description tags

Like meta title tags, meta description tags also help show people and search engines what a page is about. Meta descriptions expand further than a meta title because they have a longer character count. Meta descriptions are shown on search engines under your meta title and should provide a summary of what a page is about. Meta descriptions also offer the chance for you to show off your creativity and if written well, can also increase your CTR. Meta description tags should be less than 160 characters in length.

Page content

Page content offers your business the opportunity to answer questions, provide information or sell your product or service. Page content is the most important aspect of not just on-page Magento SEO, but your customer experience. If someone can't find what they are looking for on your website, they will go elsewhere. The content on your website needs to comprehensively answer search intent.

Two questions to ask yourself when writing content for your business website:

Is my content as informative as it can possibly be?

It's no secret that Google favours comprehensive, unique content - why wouldn't they? Remember, comprehensive doesn't mean long-winded, over-optimised content; think quality over quantity. If it takes 5,000 words to provide valuable, comprehensive information content on a topic then so be it. But don’t build out pages with thousands of extra words to simply outwrite your competition. We recommend not creating new pages before assessing whether or not your existing pages could be improved or added to. More often than not, your existing pages offer huge untapped traffic resources.

Does my content answer search intent?

Search engines tailor their content depending on what people search; and your website should too. In order to provide the best experience for its users, search engines provide quality, in-depth content resources to people. Every search result page answers search intent by providing specific information to address the query; your website should be no different. If a target page on your website is too broad and doesn't answer search intent, the first step for your Magento SEO journey would be to double-down this content to ensure it serves a purpose and answers your target search intent.

Alt attribute tags

Alt attribute tags provide mark-up for non-text resources like images. Alt attribute tags are essential for Magento SEO services because it helps search engines understand the elements on a page that it cannot crawl. Alt attribute mark-up is also required to receive as much search traffic from image search engines like Google images. Alt attributes also provide a fail-safe in the event that an image gets deleted. Instead of displaying a broken image, someone on your website will see a description of what image was supposed to be displayed. Alt attributes also offer an accessibility benefit for people who cannot see or who are using text to speech; which is core to providing an exceptional user experience.

Structured data

The primary goal of our Magento SEO service is to improve your exposure on search engines. This requires ensuring search engines can properly understand your website. Structured data such as reviews, FAQ information, publish dates and company information all help achieve this. When search engines better understand your website, they can highlight certain elements on search result pages; helping you to stand out. When implementing our Magento SEO strategy, we take a look at your competitors and identify opportunities for your website to maximise its search exposure. For example, if none of your Magento competitors are using review structured data, those five bright stars under your website will attract more attention to you.

Optimising customer experience through Magento SEO

Providing a refined, easy-to-use website is essential in providing an exceptional user experience for your customers. A clean layout that’s easy to understand helps people focus on your content rather than on a clunky, hard to use website template. Improving customer experience on your website is the primary goal for our on-page optimisation phase, alongside optimising it for search engines. When a customer visits a website they require quick load times, font sizes that they can easily read, lots of images with meta information and the ability to view the website across any device.

Perhaps the most important customer experience element is mobile-friendliness. Google has really brought a lot of attention to how crucial this is for Magento SEO with the release of its mobile-friendly test tool and announcing mobile-friendliness as a key ranking factor. Google made a similar move a few years ago with the speed core update where they announced that the load time of a site was an SEO ranking factor, resulting in webmasters across the world improving the load times and responsiveness of their websites.

Technical elements that affect website rankings in Magento SEO

Google page speed & lighthouse

With any evolving technology, there is a continual push for websites to do more. Generally, with most CMS software, this is achieved through installing plugins or other third-party extensions. While plugins are easy to install, most increase the load time and size of your website. When this occurs, your site then struggles to reach a high level of performance across different devices and Magento networks resulting in a lower customer experience.

Our Magento SEO uses a range of tools including Google pagespeed insights and the Google chrome browser extension 'lighthouse' to ensure your website is as quick as possible for your customers. These tools are great for Magento SEO because they can identify the key areas on a website which cause performance bottlenecks and offer suggestions on how to fix them. While speed is definitely is a ranking factor, the weighting of it remains unknown.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is core to providing a great user experience for your customers. If someone visits your website on a mobile device in Magento and half the page is rendered off-screen, their user experience will be lowered and the likelihood that customer will leave your page is considerably increased.

A key consideration of Magento SEO is to assess how users and search engine crawlers interact with your website. If users can’t easily navigate across your site, it’s unlikely search engines can. Much like page speed, mobile responsiveness is another key ranking factor.

Header response

A header response is what the web server sends back to a browser client and includes information including the date, size and type of file requested. Our Magento SEO service ensures the pages on your website return a status code of 200 to search engine crawlers. Header response errors can also occur due to an issue with user-agent permissions whereby even if your page is returning a page full of content to you when visiting through your browser, the header could be returning a 404 or ‘page not found’ response to search engine crawlers, leading to your page not being shown on search. This represents one of the first SEO checks we would perform on your website, especially if there are indexing issues.


Redirects occur when a specific URL address is entered in a web browser and instead of landing on this URL, the user is sent to a different URL. Redirects, if not set up correctly can hinder SEO efforts with issues such as redirect loops, which will result in pages not getting indexed. When creating URL redirects, the URL needs to lead to an active page or else it will cause a broken link, impacting the internal linking integrity of your website. There is a multitude of free online redirect checkers to use to check your redirects are not causing any issues.

Duplicate content

Duplicated, thin content was a target for Google’s historic panda update which now leads to an algorithmic penalty for any page involved. Rather than spreading link equity across tens or hundreds of duplicated pages, it is better to consolidate this information into one page and set 301 redirects to point accordingly; essentially creating what we call ‘power pages’. Google may also consider all the duplicate content pages to be the same page and only display one of them, which is known as URL canonicalisation. You need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find the resources they are looking for.

Measuring ROI from our Magento SEO campaign

Keyword ranking improvements

Keyword rankings provide a great indication of your site's health and campaign progress over a minimum of 4-6 months. In terms of tracking keyword rankings, it can be difficult because keyword rankings differ from Magento to other cities. We recommend finding a free tool where Magento can be set as the city and manually checking only the most valuable keywords to your SEO strategy. Only use keyword rankings as a loose indicator of your SEO campaigns progression, not as your course-plotting KPI.

Organic traffic improvements

Organic traffic is a much better indicator of SEO success as it shows a quantifiable level of progression that an Magento SEO service makes over time. The most effective, yet basic indicator of SEO success is achieved by looking at recent organic traffic figures and comparing them to the same period one year ago. In doing so, you can accurately compare how well your website is performing in search between two relevant date periods.

In terms of the practicality of measuring organic traffic statistics, Google has made this incredibly easy with Google analytics. Google analytics is free and can be implemented on a website either directly or through the use of another free tool called Google tag manager. Google tag manager is actually how we implemented Google analytics into our site and is what we recommend to our clients for quantifying their results from our Magento SEO service. Through Google tag manager, you can also add other code snippets directly into your website without having to dig around in your source code files.

Leads and sales figures as a result of Magento SEO

Organic leads and the sales obtained through them should be the primary indicating factor of success for an Magento SEO campaign. To assess the return on investment for a Magento SEO campaign, we recommend following the same indicator of measuring SEO effectiveness for organic traffic. Depending on the business, a comparison could be made between sales statistics now and the same period one year ago, to help calculate movement in your bottom line as a result of your Magento SEO campaign.

Our Magento SEO process

We have scrutinised our entire SEO process over the years to develop the most effective Magento SEO service to increase your rankings, exposure, leads and sales. Starting with a thorough competitor analysis, we first identify and assess how your competitors are targeting the Magento market. Once we know what your competitors are doing, we can work out how to dominate them. We then identify keywords with commercial intent which will generate the most return and leads for your business. After these preliminary stages, we assess and optimise your website around a tailored Magento SEO strategy for your business. Combining sophisticated technical on-page SEO techniques, we restructure your website in a way that ensures Google and other search engines can understand the value of it. Once your website has a solid SEO strategy implemented, we begin the promotion and curation of your content. In doing so, it increases the authority of your website by sending signals from other websites back to yours. Google picks up these signals which shows them that your website is worth ranking.

Content development and curation during our Magento SEO service

Content has always been a large part of Magento SEO and always will be. The importance of high-quality content was magnified by the Google Panda update. This revision emphasised to the SEO industry that when you create high-quality, shareable content, people who visit your website will be more likely to link back to your website. Not only does well-written content make it easier to promote your website but it also raises the level of professionalism to your customers.

Progress updates of your Magento SEO campaign

We believe transparency is the key to a healthy business relationship. We want to show you what we do, why we do it and how we do it so you can best understand the lengths we go to for your business. Depending on your Magento SEO package, you will receive fortnightly or monthly reports showing traffic statistics, traffic comparisons, keyword ranking movement and more.

Common cuplrits that cause low Google rankings

Before we take on any new clients we assess their website for Google penalties or other negative impacts. If your business has been blacklisted by Google due to low-quality SEO, we will begin with a full site audit and fix the issues your site currently has to get it back on search.

Here we have listed some common reasons for low rankings on Google:

A website age of less than 6 months

Google places preference on sites older than 6 months. However, whether a site is 6 months or 5 years old, this ranking signal doesn’t weigh any different, if at all.

Received a manual or algorithmic Google penalty

If Google determines a website as spammy, they will restrict how often the site is shown. This is to ensure their platform is extremely user friendly and points people to the highest quality resources.

Disallowing crawling on the robots.txt file

A robots.txt file that has been created incorrectly can accidentally hide pages from Google. What we do is check the robots file and make amendments if required.

Questionable quality of content

A website is only as good as the content it provides. If the content is full of spelling mistakes and long-winded sentences going nowhere, this needs to be resolved.

How to begin your Magento SEO service

Get started by letting us show you what we can do for your business. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch to provide you with your free SEO audit. Your free SEO audit will show how we can rank your site higher with our Magento SEO service and convert more traffic to customers for your business.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to our Magento SEO service.

What is Magento SEO?

How will your Magento SEO improve my search engine rankings?

Our Magento SEO service combines website development, marketing and user experience (UX). Our four-phase SEO process is below:

Phase 1: Keyword, website and conversion analysis.
Phase 2: Website development and optimisation.
Phase 3: Website file optimisation.
Phase 4: Website curation, promotion and link building.

Our strict SEO process is tailored for each client and ensures nothing is missed when it comes to website optimisation.

Do you adhere to search engine webmaster guidelines?

Are you experienced at improving local Magento SEO?

Will you share with me all changes you make to my site?

How do you measure the success of an Magento SEO campaign?

How will we communicate and how often?

How will Magento SEO tie in with our other marketing?

What are your fees and payment terms?

Which SEO tools do you use?

Getting the ball rolling

Step 1

Request your free SEO audit.

Step 2

Review & approve our proposal.

Step 3

We commence optimisation.
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