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What is SEO

define: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO improves the core technical and usability elements of a website to rank it higher on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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How to begin SEO

Untapped customers are just a click away

Getting started is easy, click the link below, add your details and we'll show you how we can help and what results we can achieve with our solution package™.

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Affordable SEO Services

The best things in life come affordable

We do one thing and we do it well. Being able to focus exclusively on SEO enables efficient use of our time and the lessening of our fees.

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What’s in the box?

SEO is more than just rankings and traffic acquisition, that's why we provide a complete package including conversion optimisation to accelerate your sales.

SEO Service

All-in-one SEO Service

Keyword and website analysis
To understand your business and the industry in which you operate.
Web development and optimisation
Improves the technical ability of your website to rank higher on search engines.
Website file optimisation
Certain files assist search engines in crawling your website, we ensure they are coded correctly.
Content marketing and link building
We create backlinks from other trusted, relevant websites back to yours, through content marketing and website promotion.
Local SEO Service

Be ‘in the loop’

Reporting cycle
Fortnightly or monthly reporting available.
Client portal
Access reports, audits, ranking updates, support and more directly from your client portal. (coming soon)
Industry-leading support
We are available 6 days a week, 8am - 6pm.
Search Engine Optimisation Service

Our edge

Conversion optimisation
Shows ways to increase conversions, from your newfound traffic increases.
Holistic SEO
We incorporate elements from your corporate identity or marketing plan to target your market more efficiently.
Non-compete policy
We only provide our services to one business in each industry, across the locations in which they operate.
A dedicated SEO agency
If you wouldn’t hire an architect to do your electrical work, why would you hire a website designer to do your SEO?
Popular platforms we optimise
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📈 130% sales increase,
across their online store

Combined Saw & Knife wanted to expand the reach of their services and products online. After learning about their business and current marketing strategies, we provided a digital marketing solution right for their business.

Since partnering with Seoz, we have consistently seen improvements in our rankings resulting in a massive increase of 130% in sales from our online store as a result of their SEO Service. I personally highly recommend Seoz to anyone who is trying to improve their companies rankings in a very competitive online market.

From us to you,
a note from our director

We have helped clients double their online sales, achieve #1 rankings for extremely tough local and national rankings, and we can do the same for your business.

A quick introduction

Seoz is a small, tight-knit yet groundbreaking collection of local marketing industry talent. We have worked in the marketing industry for the last eight years and for the last two transitioned into a company specialised in SEO.

Everything we do is client-centric, from our experienced SEO technicians who hold at a minimum a Bachelor degree from a reputable education provider, to our holistic SEO approach, focused on integrating SEO with your corporate identity and existing marketing channels to more effectively target your desired customer. We have helped clients double their online sales, achieve #1 rankings for extremely tough local and national rankings, and we can do the same for your business.

Mission, vision & core values


1. To maintain a very high moral and ethical standard reflecting our integrity, reliability and honesty core values across all our business relationships.

2. To show common courtesy and tact in all words, deeds and dealings.

3. To maintain a proper balance of all stakeholders associated with our business including our clients, employees, community and government.


To open a world of online opportunity for Australian small businesses.

Core Values

Integrity, reliability and honesty.

Contributing success factors

A significant contributing factor to the success we achieve for our clients is attributed to the effort we undertake from the very beginning for all new client inductions. We take the time to thoroughly understand your business, products, services and the industry in which you operate.

By going the extra mile of understanding your business from the beginning, ensures all the work performed on your website, the backlinks created, and exposure generated aligns with your corporate identity and existing marketing channels to better appeal to your target audience.

SEO service specialisation

SEO Services offer the best return on investment in terms of marketing or advertising which is, in short, why we pivoted towards specialising in SEO Services. In addition, Search Engine Optimisation also has the benefit of being able to be completely tracked and analysed unlike other offline forms of marketing.

This analysis is made possible with platforms like Google Analytics, which shows where your traffic is coming from (organic, paid ads, social or direct), what pages are visited and what % are converting into leads or sales. This is key to understanding the effect SEO has on website traffic and conversions.

Analysis of your SEO campaign provides us with actionable data in order to further optimise your campaign and the ability to squeeze every last opportunity to drive your website harder each month. Many of our clients adopt the mantra of if their business isn’t growing; they are shrinking.

Not settling for mediocrity is what leads clients to us and is another defining factor between us and our competition. You need to be found where your customer is looking for your product or service, and in 2020 that is on the first page of Google.

Competition policy & availability

Non-Compete Policy

We offer all our services in-line with our core values of integrity, reliability and honesty. As such, we adhere to a strict non-compete policy, meaning we only provide services to one business in each industry, across the locations in which they operate. We want our clients to have an edge over their competitors, which is why we offer our services exclusively to our clients. Whilst this may seem like a given, be assured this is another element which differentiates ourselves from our competition.

Client Position Availability

Due to many of our clients contracting us for several years, we only have a few spot openings each year, usually in Q3 and Q4. In addition to this, our website ranks in almost every city across Australia and receive high exposure to other business owners seeking SEO Services. To check availability, please visit our pricing page.

SEO, in a few scrolls

We have compiled a bunch of interesting (we think so anyway) information about SEO to help you understand what SEO is and why it helps.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO improves the technical and user experience elements of a website to rank higher on search engines. At its core, SEO is built on two foundations; on-page and off-page optimisation. On-page optimisation involves a lot of technical development and optimisation including website usability, search engine crawlability, mobile-friendliness, page responsiveness, meta tags, h1 tags and the list goes on. Off-page optimisation involves content marketing and other means to grow a website's backlink profile, we will touch on this later. As SEOs, we incorporate an on-page and off-page strategy with the goal to turn a website into an exceptional user experience for your target audience. A website should never be optimised for a search engine because this can lead down the road of keyword stuffing or other SEO issues leading to drops in keyword rankings. When you optimise the user experience, content and imagery of a website with a website's target user in mind, search engines will reward you with increased visibility.

Why is SEO important?

SEO blends website development, marketing and user experience (UX) into one service. By combining these elements into your website, ensures the functionality, convertibility and usability of a website is upheld. By ensuring these three core elements are equally weighted, ensures not only is your website easy to use and converts users to clients but is able to be found online by customers when they are ready to buy. Generally, people look for products or services online if they are later on in the buying cycle which is why it is so important for you to be found during this stage. If customers can't find your website during this stage, they won’t buy the products you sell or hire the services you provide, which leads us to some of the other advantages of incorporating SEO into your business marketing strategy.

Advantages of SEO

Traditionally, you might think of paid digital marketing platforms like Facebook or Linkedin Ads as the best way to acquire new customers for your website. While these platforms can offer a decent return on investment depending on your target audience and industry, once your money runs out, so does your advertisement. The benefit of SEO is that you invest in an SEO service, your website's authority, keyword portfolio and ability to reach new customers (should) continually grow organically. Post-SEO, your website's ability to outrank your competition is contingent on search engine algorithm updates or the effectiveness of your competitors SEO strategy. If you want to find out how SEO can specifically benefit your business, request your solution package™.

What are keywords?

Keywords also play an important role to both users and search engines because they help show what your page is about. Keywords are the search terms we type into search engines to find products, services or information online. By including keywords in your meta tags or h1 for example, you can help users and search engines understand what your page is about. To use ourselves as an example; the main keyword we are targeting with this page is SEO Brisbane. This keyword is targeting potential clients who are searching for an SEO Service in Brisbane and is more likely to appeal to Brisbane businesses looking to hire a Brisbane SEO rather than an SEO Melbourne. For this reason, we have optimised this page of our website for website owners looking for an SEO in Brisbane.

What are backlinks?

Another main counterpart of SEO is content marketing, which will naturally build backlinks to your website, growing its keyword profile. Backlinks are the links you find on websites which direct the user to an external website for further reading, relevant information, or reference point. Most Backlinks are made primarily through content marketing and relationships built with other websites with the goal to add value to the page user. In terms of backlinks, SEO aims to produce content that first (1) benefits the reader of content on an external website and to secondly, (2) drive this traffic back to your website through a backlink for the reader to find out more information about your business and its products. Backlinks affect search engine rankings because these backlinks are crawled, and over time, if you have a quality backlink profile pointing towards your website, your website will be seen by Google as an authoritative source of information and ranks your website higher across more keywords. Backlinks aren’t restricted to only content marketing, backlinks can include business directories, social platforms/directories, blogging websites and document/video sharing platforms which are also great ways for new clients to find you and to promote your business.

How do you measure SEO success?

Search Engine Optimisation offers the best return on investment in terms of marketing or advertising which is a driving factor in why we pivoted towards specialising solely in SEO Services. In terms of measuring this return on investment, SEO has the benefit of being able to be completely tracked and analysed unlike other, offline forms of marketing. The analysis is made possible by analytic platforms like Google Analytics, which shows statistics including where your traffic is coming from (organic, paid, social or direct), what pages are visited and what % are converting into leads or sales. This is key to understanding the effect SEO has on website traffic and conversions.


SEO news, industry insights and more available on Seoz Docs, explore the world of SEO.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to our SEO Service.

What is SEO?
How will you improve my search engine rankings?
Do you adhere to search engine webmaster guidelines?
Are you experienced at improving local SEO?
Will you share with me all changes you make to my site?
How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?
How will we communicate and how often?
How will your work tie into our other marketing?
What are your fees and payment terms?
Which SEO tools do you use?
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